Action Oil Services

Recycle your excess anti-freeze and waste water

Do you have more anti-freeze and waste water than you know what to do with? The most environmentally friendly solution to your problem is to rely on Action Oil Services Inc to recycle these products for you.


For over 29 years, we have been successfully disposing and recycling used petroleum products and more for those in your community and beyond.

Staying EPA regulated

Managing used oils can be a tricky process as it is EPA regulated. We make sure to stay on top of the rules and regulations at all times in order for a flawless process. Learn all you need to know about used oils when you click here.

Be aware of our environmental permits

- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

- Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

- US Coast Guard (USCG)

Are you having a recycling emergency?

If your anti-freeze and waste water supply has gotten more than you can handle then maybe you should consult our 24 hour emergency services. With access to our friendly staff at all hours of the day, we can ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call us the next time you find yourself in a used petroleum product emergency.

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